Thursday, July 28, 2011

Demolition begins

Kaye has finally started to demo on the outside of the house. It is definitely bittersweet. Yes, the siding was an appalling colour and the house was hideous, but that siding was classic! It was had character :(. We are looking forward now though! Our windows are in and awaiting installation as soon as Kaye can get the exterior stripped.

Kaye is so quick and efficient. He doesn't waste any time. The bottom back half of the house was on the ground in a matter of about an hour and a half. Last night, he stripped most of the front deck with his friend Jeff in about 15 minutes.

The kids have been helping out tons too! This morning, Marcus, Colby, and Elijah were out throwing the stripped siding into the big dumpster before I had even gotten out of bed.....It was only 7:45 okay! It's the summertime! No judging. ;)