Friday, November 20, 2009

LA part 2

There was just so much about LA that we saw and did, I thought that I would show you another couple of photos. We went on a tour and they took us to Rodeo Drive. It was fun, though I didn't bother going in to any of the stores (I didn't want to be tempted). We did however buy shoes at the Nike just across the street from Rodeo Drive. Does that count?

It was really fun seeing all the foot and hand prints.
Once again, my favorite part of the trip. Venice beach was so laid back.

I heart palm trees. They are so pretty!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunny Los Angeles

As most of you know, Kaye and I took a little trip down to the land of celebrities (though we didn't actually see any of them) and sun. My wonderful mother agreed to take my 3 older kids so that we could have a little vacation away from life. We had a wonderful time. Here is a couple pics from the trip.

Rhys and me on the marina at Marina Del Ray. It was beautiful there.
Kaye and 2 creepy Jack Sparrow actors who hang around the walk of fame hoping they are noticed. What a life!

Rhys' first trip to the beach. This is on Venice beach....which was probably my favorite place we went to. So amazingly beautiful and calming. I would move there if I could!

One of the five remaining canals in Santa Monica. Imagine having your house back onto a canal. So cool! It was unbelievably beautiful there!