Friday, August 21, 2009

Creepy, creepy corn...seriously!

Last night for supper, I thought I would whip out some frozen corn...among other things. I know, fancy eh? I just slit open the top of what looked like a perfectly harmless bag of corn and proceeded to dump the corn into a bowl. Instead of normal, yellow corn, I found........

that my corn was covered in blood! BLOOD! Seriously! Can we say freaky?! This picture doesn't even really cover the extent of the blood that was in that bag of corn. I wonder what the Green Giant people will think? Oh, and NO, I did not serve this to my family. ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Words of Wisdom......

Not mine! I need some!

Question of the hour.....I love my children, really really do. But, I do NOT love their screaming. Ever since moving to lovely Trochu and having absolutely no friends, my children's screaming has increased dramatically. I get phone calls from people asking if there is something (behaviourly speaking) wrong with Elijah and openly wondering why my children do no have laryngitis! Oh, and let's not forget about the grocery store incident. It's bad...really bad....and if I don't do something about it soon, I am pretty sure I won't have any hair, or eyebrows for that matter, by the end of the summer. All my super smart mommy friends, I am in need of suggestions. Any ideas to help them quiet down that they might actually think is fun? I'd love to know what tricks you can come up with!


Going crazy and losing my hearing while I'm at it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer fun in B.C.

We had a wonderful time in B.C. We visited all the cousins...of which there are many, we swam, and swam, and swam some more. That's what happens in high 30 weather! And, we relaxed. Awesome!

Okay, truthfully. I'm blogged out for a minute. I have a REALLY poopy baby who just pooped in my favorite sleeper. I better go deal with it before anything 'happens'. We had a good time. :)

My baby the nine year old!

I cannot believe how time flies. I DO NOT feel old enough to have a nine year old son. Wait! I'm really not old enough to have a nine year old son...but you know what I mean. He is just growing up too fast. But, either way, it was his birthday on the tenth. He loved his party and had a great time with his friends.

This one, named Christian, is my favorite. He is sweet, polite, gentle.....the friendly giant. That's how I think of him. He's got at least a good 2-3 inches on me. He's one big boy....but has such a big heart. He's so cute :)

When I was growing up, we played flour mountain at all of Jocelyn Hills birthday parties. I LOVED flour mountain. Now my kids LOVE flour mountain. Thanks Bro. and Sis. Hill. This game will go down in the "favorites" book.

Baby Bums and Matching Plaid Pants

I realize that it has been forever since I blogged last. Summer is always such a busy time, not to mention the task of watching all five seasons of Grey's Anatomy in about a months time (including all the time we went on vacation). I know, I'm totally pathetic. By the way, I am DYING for season 6 to premiere. What will happen with Izzie?!? I've been told George dies! Why does George have to die???? This is totally why I abstain from TV BTW. I get more than a little obsessed. Sorry, I digress.

I've decided to jump back on the bandwagon and blog my guts out today:)

First off......Notice this sleeper. I LOVE this sleeper. I would even venture to say that this is my favorite sleeper. This sleeper has the little "snugabye" socky things and the hand ones as well so your favorite little one doesn't gouge his eyes out. It is a light weight fuzzy material that has amazing stretch. It may not be pretty, but it's like the king of all comfy sleepers. favorite part of all..........

The gathered back!!! What is cuter than the gathered back? I just LOVE it. :) It's a Baby Bonds sleeper from Australia. Australia has the best baby clothes ever. Honestly, all of my favorite baby clothes have come from Australia.

And the second item in this particular post.....the matching plaid pants! On Sunday, we had Kaye's brother and sister in law over. Both their son Koen and Colby came marching upstairs in their matching pants.....SO cute. The funny thing was, they were both just a little bit too short of them. Those two are so silly.