Monday, January 26, 2009

Before I forget.....


Okay techincally, I realize that Australia day is over because of the time difference, BUT here it's the 26th. So there!

Thank goodness!

Thank goodness for moms!!!





Although, this style for Colby isn't at the top of my favorite has vastly improved since our little 'mishap.' Thank goodness. That poor child, you couldn't take him out anywhere.

Okay, number 2 on my list of topics for this mornings blog....thank goodness for the bus!!

Please look PAST my living room window and AT the bus...stopped right in front of my house!!
Right before Christmas, I was helping at Marcus' school for hot lunch and a lady that lives behind me told me that she had been fighting to get a bus up on the hill where we live. The kids have to walk about 3 blocks every morning to the 'big' school (4-12 school) and then catch a bus (with a $100 price tag per child per year) another 3 blocks to Marcus' school. It's ridiculous. The thing is that they won't allow the kids to cross the tracks so you must pay for the bus or drive your kids. Anyway, so I saw Tanya (from behind my house) and she won this whole bus thing. They started about 2 weeks ago to pick up the kids....right in front of my house. I cannot tell you have nice it is to KNOW everyday that Marcus is getting on the bus and getting off and NO ONE is getting to him before hand. What a sigh of relief!... especially when it is -35 like this morning. All he has to do is wait in the warm house until the bus pulls up. And as a bonus, he also has 15 more minutes to get ready in the morning!

Monday, January 19, 2009


I know that you never start buzzing someones head at the front. I KNOW that! Did I follow what I knew.....absolutely not! As previously mentioned, Colby was desperately in need of a haircut. With his cowlicks, his hair sticks up at funny directions and looks REALLY bad when not kept nice and short. SO...I decided to take a stab at it and see if I could make his hair look any better. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE!!!

This is ridiculous I know, but I do not own hair clippers (which will not be the case the next time I hit a Costco :) ). My mom, of course, has always cut everyones hair. This has become increasing difficult due to the amount of time that we see them. Also, I'm trying to be an independent person...not counting on Mommy all the time. Anyway, so I don't have clippers, BUT, Kaye does have a beard trimmer to trim his sideburns. Having used these before to trim up the back of Colby's head I didn't think this would be an issue. This was not the case.

I put it on the highest setting but it didn't want to snip anything. I tried the back first and then the front. Nothing. I then proceeded to put it to the lowest setting and tried it again...just at the front. Not a good idea. It worked...a little too well :) Hee Hee! Poor kid. After that, he decided that he didn't want his hair cut anymore. Actually, he didn't even want to get his hair cut in the first place!

He was super upset with me. He told me that he didn't want to look like Grandpa, which made me laugh even more than I was already. I called my mom and told her the story...and now, she's going to save me. She told me to put down the scissors and the clippers and STOP massacring my sweet child's hair. She's going to be super Grandma and come fix it in a couple of days or so. Okay, so I'm not all that independent!

He's just going to have to wear a hat for a couple of days. I think I need a haircutting lesson. :)

Oh, he actually was upset....The pictures are misleading. He is just such a ham.

*UPDATE* The funniest thing is that Marcus just came home from school and was so excited about Colby's hair that he begged me to do the same to him!! What the heck?!?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've had enough!

I have never experienced a child who poops EVERY time he is put in a tub full of warm water....until Elijah. I do not know why it always happens, and it ALWAYS HAPPENS, but I've had enough. Now usually, I shower Elijah to get away from this unfortunate occurrence, but sometimes, he just wants to go in the tub. That's when Little Swimmers come in. It's so pathetic that a little boy can't be bathed without one. Colby thinks it's great though. It's like going to the pool....except know. :)

Either way, I hope this phase ends and ends fast. I'm running out of Little Swimmers and patience for scrubbing down the tub, all the toys, and kids every time Elijah gets his little bum in a pool of warm water.
After looking at that picture a bit better, it just occurred to me that Colby is in need of a haircut...BAD!! What a kid. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

A first for me

On Friday morning, I had to go to Olds. I had a doctor's appointment and I had all three kids. I also needed to pick up groceries at the local No Frills. Kaye, of course, was at work. Since it is a 40 minute drive into Olds, I do everything I can at once. Unfortunately, it happened to be naptime. As I pushed my cart into the produce section, Elijah was freaking out, screaming like a banshee. No matter what I did, he didn't like it. I tried letting him walk, holding him, putting him in the cart...nothing. I did however, go buy him a bag of teddy grahams, hoping this would help the situation. Not...

As I was pushing my cart over the bread section, a grouchy old shelf stocker came up to me and proceeded to give me crap about my children.

"Can't you keep your kid quiet? There are elderly people shopping! He is so irritating!!"

I was STUNNED! Who talks to a mom, obviously trying to get her kid to be quiet, like that? As if I was enjoying it!?! I tried my best to be polite and explain that he was really tired, hungry, you know, a kid....she just looked at me with disgust and told me she was a mother too. What did that mean??

Either way, I cried the entire time I shopped, and came out with about $50 worth of stuff I didn't need and about $100 worth of stuff I'd forgotten.

Really, what is a girl supposed to do? Her family needs to eat -we were hungry...really hungry at my house - so a girl needs to shop!

I'm curious why people feel the need to make things worse instead of helping to make them better!

Ahhh! I got it out of my system. I feel much better! :)