Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yesterday, we received a flyer in the mail from George Richards Big and Tall. I love to look at clothes that might actually fit my husbands frame! As I was looking through, I found a picture of a tee shirt. It was shown in blossom. It is also available in cola, como, sepia, atlantis, armadillo, black, white, charcoal, sangria, or marine. I also found a dress shirt which was available in white, black, pewter, french blue, lavender, chianti, ivory, capri, blossom, chamois, or violet.

This strikes me as somewhat odd. Can someone please define the exact shade of tee shirt I will be receiving if I order como? What about atlantis? What colour would marine be compared to atlantis? Seriously, is there something wrong with the real colours. It is just so ridiculous! Also, I don't know if I really want my husband wearing a shirt that's called blossom or cola. They just sound so silly! I don't even mind having my husband wear pink, but blossom? Weird.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yes, we are that pathetic

We bought or van in 2006, a couple of weeks after
we found out that I was pregnant with Elijah. When we bought the van, we were given 2 key fob keys. Like this.....

The really bad part about these keys is that they connect to a key ring by that tiny little loop on the side. Not sturdy AT ALL.

About 3 years ago, in a huff, I threw my keys down and broke my van key off of my key ring. About a year later, Kaye's key broke off from being on a key ring with too many other keys. You can't tape that puppy back together. It's in a spot that just doesn't work.

We've been carrying around our keys for a couple of years now...just trying to keep track it. It is not that easy, considering you always have to have your key ring AND your separate key.

A number of months ago, we lost one of the keys somewhere, we have no idea where, and were down to one key. Yesterday, we lost our second key. We cannot drive our van! I cannot even tell you how mad this makes me. We can't find it anywhere! I realize this makes us extremely irresponsibe. I get it. It's hard on weekends though. Kaye drives the van on the weekend as well, so I don't really keep as close of an eye on the key. Either way, it's gone.

Now, we have to tow our van all the way to Olds, which is not going to be cheap so that we can get a new key programmed for our stupid van! I am NOT impressed.

Man, I really, really need to find that key!


KAYE FOUND THE KEY!!!!! It was hiding underneath Colby`s bed under a pile of clothes. Thank goodness! And yes, we are going to be getting a new one tomorrow.