Thursday, October 13, 2011

It is true!

Okay, okay. Yes, I did sneak that little tid bit in. I am pregnant. On my birthday (August 27th), Kaye brought be a pregnancy test as a 'present'. I was quite late and he really wanted to just know, for goodness sake! I, on the other hand, did NOT want to know. I was not, and I'm still not really, ready to give birth to another big headed baby of Kaye's. Either way, the test was a big positive and here we go again. I really wanted to wait until after the ultrasound at 12 weeks to make sure that it really was what it was to say anything. Of course, I didn't. I let it slip out earlier. I did go to the ultrasound though and it was wiggling and kicking and having a good ol' time in there so it's a go. I'm a little unsure about wanting a girl this time around. I am fairly positive that this will be the last little baby from this mommy, so I don't know if I want to change it all up now and learn how to parent a little girl. I also wouldn't need all new stuff. My poor little baby boy will be raggedy and worn looking with all the hand me downs from his older brothers, but I'm good with that. We'll see. Who knows? I'm thinking it may even be an 'it' until D-day. It might be fun to be surprised. You can look out for the newest member in our family around the end of April. Hmmm...reading over this post, it does not sound that upbeat. I mean, Yay! Another baby!! :) ALSO - I am actually working on my own computer!! So, my desktop is still broken and this netbook is not working up to par yet, but it is sort of working so I'm thrilled. No more computer withdrawal! Of course, I did try to post a picture of our pretty well completed house but the loading of a picture onto my blog was just too much for it's seemingly delicate constitution. Pictures will have to come later.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm alive!!

So, BOTH of my computers have stopped working. After doing all the work on the house that we did, suprisingly, we cannot afford to get them fixed. I am, borrowing Kaye's work computer after going through SERIOUS internet withdrawal. I thought that I had better update my sorry blog. What a cliffhanger I left at hey? I'm sure you were all SO dying to see how we could get any better than that beautiful yellow and forest green. It was tricky, let me tell ya!

First off, the icky part! So, obviously, this house is old. Old old! We were actually really lucky that it ended up being in such good condition, except for this..............

This delightful bit was where our foundation was crumbling inside! It had been reinforced on the outside, reinforced on the inside, and they put big steel posts along the basement walls to help ensure that the basement is safe. Sadly, our old side door had rotted away so when our contractor pulled it off, we got THAT! That being the huge hole in our foundation walls looking in to my basement laundry room - past the yucky old pipes.

It's a beauty isn't it? Luckily, that turned into...

THIS!!! YAY!! A door. After plywood for a ridiculously long time, we finally got our third and FINAL door installed. We, at one point, had plywood on two of our doors with no stairs going to our third. It was super fun.

I obviously had a ton to catch up on, but they wouldn't let me upload any more pictures, as well as a complete lack of caring on my part, so I've only put some of the pitures on here. We now have the siding finished on the north side, front (east) with the exception of the vinyl cedar shake stuff that is going in the peak, as well as the peak of the porch, and the west (back obviously!). Kaye has just the south side to complete and we are DONE!!!

We still have soffit, fascia, and eavestrough to do, as well as the porch(a railing might be nice), oh and repouring a new walkway going up to our house, and all the inside stuff for the windows...putting all the sills and new molding and stuff up left to do, but we are leaving most until next year. Expensive!!! I might have to sell one of my children to get it all done. Heck, lets just sell them all. Then I can do a total rehaul on the inside too!! Kidding, sort of. We did run out of money though, so wait we must.

We did get a new roof (sheeting and all) installed as well. Apparently, the old owners were fans of cosmetic fixes and not really real fixes. We had rotting cedar shakes under our shingles. And under that was rotting ummmm... under stuff. It was crazy! We had holes we could see through! I felt great about that. Anyway, now all the roof is fixed and the walls or insulated and siding pretty well all up! I am thrilled!!!

We also bought all new windows. Marcus' and Rhys' windows were broken and didn't even shut so winter would have been a fun little adventure! We also got windows that all open so we have air flow! It's amazing the difference something so simple as a breeze can make!

Now, I'm tired. For FHE we decided to rake our neighbours (single mom and daughter) leaves. Service! So worth it, yet, 32 bags later, my pregnant hips and tailbone hate me and I think I'm going to lay back on a heating pad. I am so NOT kidding.... 32 bags. Yep, I thought it would be great to live on a beatiful tree-lined street. Wait, oh yeah, there are leaves involved. And it was probably only about 1/4 of what is going to fall this year! We still have tons of leaves not fallen yet!!!

Good night all! I hope we can meet again soon (ahem..Kaye, your computer.. hint hint).