Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun in the sun

Blog post #2 of the day! Okay, maybe I'm trying to catch up just a little...

I was just informed on 4u2c TV ;) that there is an impressive new waterpark in Brooks! I think that is super exciting! The Brooks waterpark was a little less than stellar. Unfortunately, we don't live in Brooks though! We live out here in Moose Jaw.

Luckily, Moose Jaw as a beautiful park in the center of the city called Crescent Park. It's supposed to be a similar idea to Central Park in NY (obviously on a MUCH smaller scale!) It is fabulous though. It has a great little water park, attached to a playground, attached to a free little paddling pool for the little ones, attached to a big outdoor pool (not free but still fun!). It's so great to go and relax there. There is also a little "river" with ducks, the gorgeous Moose Jaw public library is in there, there is an outdoor theater area, a tennis club, a lawn bowling club, a beautiful fountain, walking trails, a museum, an art gallery, a YMCA gym...I LOVE Crescent Park. Anyway, we love to go strolling through the trees and playing at the water park! The kids have such a fun time! Yay for summer and warm weather! I know we'll be hanging out here all summer long!

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