Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Starting Fresh

I have recently decided that instead of trying to "catch up" on blogging, I'm simply going to start fresh. Here we go!

For so many years, our trusty gold 1993 Toyota Camry Wagon was so kind to us. There was never a need for too much work to be done on it and it never broke down. It was a gem. It was also.....ugly! Kaye, being the one without the 4 kids to haul around, got to be the one to drive our delightful wagon.

When we moved to Saskatchewan, we were required to get an inspection done on our vehicles to have them insured. To my dismay, after getting the inspection done on our wagon, we required $3000 worth of work to be done on it. Not likely! For a poor car that isn't even worth that fixed up? Sadly, I had to give in to Kaye's pleading for a shiny new car.

TA DA!! Being that Kaye is an abnormally tall person with ridiculously long legs, we were a little limited to the type of car that we would buy. Luckily, we pulled into the Toyota dealership one sunny day and found this little beauty.

It's a 2009 Toyota Matrix. AND...he's got a whole 2-3 inches of head room! It's great. Kaye loves it. He doesn't feel like an old lady driving his car around any more!

Sadly, Kaye is SO proud of his dandy new car that he takes to stupid thing to the car wash at least once a week. He has also completely forgotten to take care of my van. Yes, it's getting old and isn't as shiny as his, but it still needs love! Oh well. At least Kaye is happy...and we can feel like we are a little more with the times instead of driving around in a fancy 1993 wagon!

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