Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On a roll!

Or maybe....verbal diarrhea? I've been so silent, I've just got to get it out!

Now, this, this here, is what stops me from blogging. While doing this I forgot to try to stop this!

Those little brown things right there? Those would be the chocolate chips that Rhys spread ALL OVER my main floor. Nice! Okay, truthfully, I totally gave him a bowl of chocolate chips for a snack. Dummy! (That would be all me...woops!)

At one point today, this main floor looked, I dare say, tidy. Hmmm...

And there he is, the man of the hour! A great big thank you my delightful child Elijah (as he so innocently looks up from his Cars video game I sat him down with - another bad parenting moment). I feel so guilty. See Rhys with him little bum up in the air. Fast asleep he is! Um...nap time? Another oopsie! Poor thing! They are so neglected. :(

I guess I had better get out my broom.


Stephanie said...

Our could just make chcoc chip cookies!!!

Randa said...

Sweet I love a fresh start. I totally work the same! Yay for a fun new car - hopefully it's as fabulous as your old one. Mad scientist birthday is genius- so fun! I totally slept on the couch while my kids destroyed today. Not even something useful or fun Like blogging. My kids get computer time every day while i make supper - it's beat for everyone :)

Kathy T. said...

I love Rhys sleeping on the chair. Whatever works! Love the spraypark too! Chocolate chips everywhere is a sign of a great home - it's a known fact!

kimara said...

I love the picture of Rhys sleeping too! So cute!